St. Thomas, USVI

Things to Do
Unbelievable! It's a paradise until you see where you will be working. One of the worst parts of the island, the building I work in has been condemned since 1998, holes in the walls, etc...
Restaraunts and Nightlife
I have no car so nightlife and dining are notta to me. I have to take a junky safari bus to work!
0 to 50
Cost of Living
Pedestrian Friendly?
Not so much!


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What agency was this
  • Posted Sun 10 Feb 2013 02:28 PM CST
I was offered to take a assignment here. Even the recruiter told me it's was low pay, and no car available, and if I did drive i was sure to get into a wreck....No thanks USVI..
  • Posted Thu 18 Oct 2012 11:14 AM CDT
Turn it down no matter what you do. The hospital is dirty and nasty. The local people hate anyone who is not a local and they are totally rude. Housing is a joke, right out of 1970's and the agency tells you not to run your air conditioning because the electricity is outrageous. It's 100% humidity--get real !!! Groceries are sky high, $12.00 for a gallon of milk $8.00 for a pack of hotdogs. I was there for 13 wks and there were 7 murders. Most of the people who live here are convicts and drug addicts. It's not paradise.
  • Posted Thu 02 Dec 2010 06:44 PM CST
I haven’t been but have been asked 3 times if I would go. I keep wondering about this assignment, who wouldn’t want to go there? I was finely told by one agency that the housing was not great but not too much info other than that. I now know that it’s not that great but it’s what you make of it. Still thinking about it but not sure.
  • Posted Thu 12 Aug 2010 06:16 AM CDT

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