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  • Delta Flex Travelers

    (Mar 13, 2015)
    Category: Staffing Companies I guess things have changed in 4 years.My experience was horrible. This was my first travel assignment ever. I had a recruiter who initially got the ball rolling. I agreed (and I had to agree to an assignment before they told what they paid). I took the stipend option. For 3 weeks I was unable to find a place. Now mind you I told DELTA when I started that I wanted a facility that I could live close by to so my driving would be limited and I would have time for a life. They ignored my issues about housing until 3 days before the assignment started. On a Thursday or Friday they informed me I had my license and would start Monday. I admit that the recruiter found something but it was 41 miles one way. I asked for a day or two to get utilities set up. In some of these small towns you have to go in the building, in person, face to face with someone. No online stuff. They told me no, I had to start Monday. Since everything was so time crunched I had to spend 3 nights in hotels. I was able to leave early Monday to get to the utilities company and got my power turned on Tuesday. The director of the clinic told me I could have started later to take care of these things. I told him what DELTA said about starting Monday and he said they never contacted him about that issue. He said he would have given me a couple of days to settle in and take care of business. Now back to the weeks before I left. First If Delta needed something from me I was called endlessly...even though I was still working in an assignment in Houston (different company). I was given a list of requirements and fees from the recruiter (to do list of sorts) and told she would pass me to the person that would help with credentialing. He gives a checklist that is similar to the recruiters but has different requirements. He takes his time answering questions and getting back to me. Now a third person contacts me, with more requirements with some overlapping information and begins asking me for forms that the other employee had me fed-ex to Alabama. One of which was a form I had notarized. She literally calls me and emails me multiple times to get me to repeat the process of notarization (two days before I have to leave and Im still packing). I refuse but she keeps bothering me. I go back to the bank to have it notarized. This time they refuse(different employee) and she pulls out a book to show me that it was against their policy to notarize this form (for working with companies when you never meet them in person). I tell the Delta employee what happened and explain that I don't have time for this.She (delta) actually continues to call and email for me to do this. I gave up and went to another bank. I was lucky I found someone that would notarize the form. OK so now I'm on my way. I was able to use my GPS and some luck to find the hospital in tiny town Alabama. I was however given the wrong address for the orientation building which was in MISSISSIPPI on the other side of town from where I was staying( yes I was living in Mississippi and driving to Alabama everyday) . Of course as I'm trying to find these places and get ahold of someone...of course its after hours and on a weekend so no help for me. So I'm lost, in Alabama and Mississippi, there is nobody to help, and my directions are bad. I did stop and ask...nobody could help. Finally in the evening the director called and gave me the right directions. I'm on this assignment. I'm paying a lot for gas each week and I'm paying rent on two places. Internet service is horrible. I'm going through a lot of data on my phone. I have to submit my hours through my phone frequently as the firewall at work is bad and blocks most websites. This made putting in hours and internet use almost negligible. When I mentioned the problem their (delta's)response was to get an internet card. I know this doesn't sound like much, but I was already paying a lot for gas, and rent/utilities on two places. Once I get to the hospital on Monday, an employee told me that there are local people that put travelers up. I told her that Delta didn't find anything. She told me Delta never checked. So at the end of this debacle, I was actually formally and informally asked about my experience. I was not pleased and didn't give a great review ( I was polite, but not giving praise). I know they have this huge thing on the website about winning awards in satisfaction and I think they were more concerned with that than my satisfaction. Now...after I told them it was doubtful I was going to repeat that experience, it was about 4 weeks later when I received a notice in the mail that I had been terminated on my last day at this assignment. When I emailed the recruiter at Delta she denied knowledge of this. I think this speaks for itself..
  • Cross Country Staffing

    (Feb 22, 2014)
    Category: Staffing Companies Horrible company. My assignment was canceled for no reason and they left me stranded in another city. They care nothing for their workers and they do not honor their commitments. The pay is shockingly low and their contracts only apply to the worker-meaning the hospital and them have no obligation to you.
  • Trinity HSG

    (Jul 3, 2013)
    Category: Staffing Companies not nice
  • Christian Fairing

    (Jul 3, 2013)
    Category: Recruiters stay away from
  • Flex Care Staffing

    (Jun 20, 2013)
    Category: Staffing Companies I have traveled with this company 3 contracts now and they are the best paying, most helpful and extremely honest. They get me all the money they promised. They have fixed any problems that I have had with the hospitals (which havent been many issues) and my recruiter is amazing!
  • TaleMed

    (May 29, 2013)
    Category: Staffing Companies Terrible! This company is highly rated on Highway Hypodermics, which is why I applied to them, but it was a terrible experience. Problems I had with the agency: 1. I am pretty sure they submitted me to jobs without asking me which hospitals I wanted to be submitted to because I had interviews from some tiny towns in Texas that I had never even heard of and did not ask to be submitted to. 2. I was a brand new traveler, and upon arriving in Texas (fresh from Arizona) no one from the company called, (and it had been at least a week before I called them!) to make sure that I had arrived, knew where the hospital was, that I had checked into my hotel okay and was ready to start the job. 3. My housing was at an extended stay hotel that was disgusting. On top of that, they deducted $40 every week from my checks to go toward paying for housing. That should have completely been covered. The woman in charge of housing made a very lousy effort to find me an alternative. 5. I was billed for getting an MMR titer, which I was told would be covered. I had to haggle with the company to get the $90 back that they deducted! 6. I worked overtime on Thanksgiving, and the company tried to refuse to pay me both holiday pay and the overtime that I expected to be paid. They had to make a 'special exception' to pay me for both after several angry telephone calls I placed. 7. After the contract ended I had to call to make sure I got the $500 holiday bonus I was promised. I'm pretty sure if I didn't keep after them, I wouldn't have ever seen that money...
  • Patricia Lissolo

    (May 29, 2013)
    Category: Recruiters She has been fantastic! She handles any issues I may have, especially with payroll, usually within hours, answers all my questions. More importantly, she has taken the time to get to know me personally and will have personal conversations with me on the phone. I recommend her to everyone.
  • North Austin Medical Center

    (May 29, 2013)
    Category: Facility I also have been quite unhappy working there as a traveler NICU RN. This is only my 3rd contract, but so far it has been the worst. I'm sure there are facilities out there that are much worse, but I really was very unhappy for the first 6 weeks here. The patients are mostly upper middle-class with insurance, but are also very demanding. This I feel is also translated to the staff who are also very snobby and think they are the greatest hospital ever (even though they really, aren't any better than anywhere else I've worked and have the same problems.) I floated to the downtown Main St. Davids and had a much better experience. I've been counting down the shifts until my assignment is over and hoping they call me every morning and tell me that I will be floating to downtown. They also have several openings, so I suggest going to that hospital instead if Austin is on your list of places to visit.
  • Advanced Medical Personnel Services

    (May 28, 2013)
    Category: Staffing Companies My recruiter set me up with a 13-week assignment, knowing full well that I would only be able to do a 6-week assignment. She lied to me and the facility about the contract. After the first week of work, I put in my 2-week notice b/c I would not put my license on the line for my boss who was asking me to do unethical things. My recruiter put a 2-week notice in the contract "for cause" and 30 days for no cause. My recruiter's boss called me and said no, the 2-week notice was not in the contract and that I needed a 30-day notice. The recruiter's boss ended up getting me the 2-week notice since I had an ethical reason to quit, which Infinity accepted as "cause." My recruiter called to wish me luck b/c she couldn't work with me anymore b/c I was not eligible for rehire with Infinity due to all this. So I quit a job b/c my boss was unethical, and now Advanced and Infinity won't work with me. I knew they would drop me like a hat if I ever got fired, but I didn't think my quitting for ethical reasons would make me the bad guy. Unethical company with low pay and fees for little things like late timesheets? Never again.

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