Traveler Phone Interview Tips

  • Interview for the traveler position as soon as possible. You don’t want to lose the assignment to a traveler who was able to interview faster.
  • Have all of your paperwork ready and in front of you for quick reference.
  • Present yourself professionally, even over the phone. Remember that just because you are in high demand doesn’t mean you can afford to sound unprofessional or casual during the interview process.
  • Follow up with your recruiter after the interview. They will want to know how it went and if you’re still interested in the assignment.
  • When you are doing the interview, set all distractions aside and focus on the interviewer.
  • Remember that being a flexible, team player is one of the most sought after traits in a traveler.
  • Be sure to ask questions (I would plan them in advance) and keep in mind that you are interviewing the facility as much as they are interviewing you. You want to make sure it is a good fit for your career goals.
  • Be prepared for your traveler interview. Take the time to research the name of the hospital and research it online so there are no surprises in the interview.
  • Smile when you talk it will change the tone of your voice during the interview. Hiring managers need to know that you will be able to fit in with the rest of the unit.
  • Have your goal in mind, which is to present yourself as a competent, reliable and skilled traveler, before the interview takes place.
  • Make sure you practice the interview first. Knowing what you are going to say ahead of time will make your answers sound smoother, eliminate the um’s and awkward pauses and make you look like a better communicator. Just be sure to stay spontaneous and not sound robotic.
  • Be prepared for the phone interview by finding a quiet place to do it with minimal distractions.
  • Have a bottle of water on hand so your throat doesn’t dry out from so much talking and have a pen and paper on hand to write notes or any new questions you come up with.
  • Also, have all the materials about the hospital close by and write down the name of the person doing the travel nursing interview.Nothing is worse than calling someone the wrong name during an interview.

The main difference in a healthcare traveler interview versus a traditional interview is that it will be done over the phone. Here are some tips for travel nurses and allied professionals to keep you prepared, professional, and informative. Do you have an interview tip you'd like to share? Please email: