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What is Healthcare Travelbook?

More than just a social network, Healthcare Travelbook is the leading social resource for healthcare travelers. It is a place for seasoned and new travelers to come together.

Who is Healthcare Travelbook for?

If you are a travel nurse or travel allied health professional you are invited to be a part of this community and share your knowledge of travel nursing and the healthcare traveling industry with new and seasoned travelers alike. 

If you are a nurse, tech or therapist just looking into a travel career then you have found a site full of great information and a helpful community to help you get started.

Travel Nursing

Nurses looking to expand their skill set and gain invaluable experience should consider an exciting and rewarding career as a Traveling Nurse. Your knowledge and skills are in high demand all across the country, which in turn could mean an infinite number of assignments when it comes to how and where you’d like to work. Being a Traveling Nurse can take you places you’ve always dreamed of visiting or keep you close to your family and friends at home.

There are many perks that come along with Travel Nursing including: top-notch compensation, loyalty and referral bonuses, and often times living in fully furnished Travel Nursing company provided housing. The best Travel Nursing companies will offer you superior benefits ranging from 401(K) plans, free CEU’s, tuition reimbursement, comprehensive insurance coverage, clinical support and other incentive programs.

Travel Allied

If you’re looking for limitless choices and opportunities in a job, look no further than a career as a Traveling Allied Health Professional. As a Traveling Allied Health Professional you will have the freedom to design your own assignments and choose where, how long and how you want to work. Whether it’s in your hometown or across the country, Traveling Allied Health jobs will provide you with excellent pay packages, bonuses and other incentives, as well as unforgettable experiences and career enhancements.

As a Traveling Allied Health Professional you can practice your profession by day – and bask in the nightlife of big cities like San Francisco, New York or soak in the peace and quiet of more rural destinations. There are many benefits and perks that come with traveling positions including: bonuses and other incentive programs, fully furnished company provide housing, per diems, comprehensive insurance and more so you have the money to ski Lake Tahoe, buy artwork in New York City, enjoy fine wines in Napa Valley, or simply relax and enjoy the white sandy beaches of Florida.

Travel Therapy

There is an unprecedented amount of opportunity for Traveling Physical Therapists and Traveling Occupational Therapists in the United States. Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists are highly sought after to work at many prestigious hospitals and other medical centers around the country. A career in Travel Therapy will undoubtedly give you the opportunity to explore this great nation all the while earning valuable professional experiences and meeting some wonderful people along the way.

A career in Travel Therapy will allow you to expand your skills and knowledge while being handsomely compensated. Not only will you receive exceptional pay, you’ll also be given opportunities to earn more through referral and loyalty bonuses. You can also expect comprehensive insurance coverage, free company provided housing that is usually fully furnished, as well as per diem, tuition reimbursements and free CEU courses. Don’t forget, there is of course all the wonderful locations and they have to offer!

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Interview Tips

Here are some interview tips for travel nurses and allied professionals to keep you prepared, professional, and informative.