Good companies vs. bad

Platinum with MedTravelers

Posted by Anniebee on Aug 4, 2017 11:13 am

Wondering how Platinum is as a company now that they have partners with MedTravelers, which has a bad reputation....!?

Re: Good companies vs. bad

Posted by thetravelingschoonies on Aug 4, 2017 8:05 pm

Hello All,

I received a direct message on this topic and unfortunately I cannot shed any light on this company as I have never heard of them.  Good Luck and always do your own research no matter what anyone else says about a company.  Travel on fellow gypsys ~ Dwight and Jen Schoonover
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Re: Good companies vs. bad

Posted by Therapeutic_Resources on Sep 7, 2017 11:46 am

Hello All,
As a fellow PT, I want to let everyone know about my rehab travel company, Therapeutic Resources. I started the company over 15 years ago when I was a traveler and struggling to find a company that had any clinical knowledge.  If you are looking for a boutique travel company, with great customer service, local knowledge and incredible reviews, please give us a try.   We're based out of Bend, OR and specialize in the Western US. We also have a very very strong per diem presence in Portland.  I'd encourage you to take a look at our reviews on  We're the only travel company with 5 stars and all the reviews are real!!   

Also, if you have any questions about clients, traveling, licensing, give me a ring anytime.  I've seen just about anything that can happen in the travel world, good and bad and am happy to give good unbiased advice!  Cheers!