Choosing a contract

Choosing a contract

Posted by Shromika on Feb 27, 2017 5:42 pm

Hi there! I am a brand new traveler. I just accepted my first assignment. My question is, how do I decide what company to work with when I am ready for a new contract? I know I shouldn't have more than one company submit me for the same job. So how do I compare? I am on file with four companies right now. So when this contract is close to ending how should I proceed? I don't want to burn any bridges when I am just starting out. But I also want as much info as possible. As far as deciding who to interview with ECT. The companies I have talked to know what I am looking for next as far as location and assignment length.

Re: Choosing a contract

Posted by DavidRN on Feb 28, 2017 12:51 pm

It's actually more simple than you might think; which one is offering the best contract for YOU.

Sometimes I want to earn the big bucks and work lots of OT and pocket a nice stipend. Sometimes I want the great housing one of my companies always seems to secure. Sometimes, I'm indifferent and simply choose the one with the best overall package (decent wage, good insurance, and nice housing). Whatever my needs, I have a company that will help me meet my goal, but if they don't, then I always have the option to choose another location, join another company, or acquiesce to what is being offered.

Company loyalty does go a long way and if you prefer a certain company, after a bit, you can start asking for more of a stipend, more travel allowance for a further assignment, or perhaps a 65" LCD included with your furniture package. Some companies also offer loyalty monies for consecutive assignments.

Most recruiters know that travelers who are seasoned are with multiple companies. If a recruiter gets upset that you're taking a contract that is better for you (after you give them the common courtesy to match or beat it), then it may not be someone with whom you want to work. I've given recruiters a chance to match another company's stipend and when they couldn't, they even told me they'd go with the other company if they were offering that much more. She knew that I'd likely be back another time, which I was.

Pick your location, talk to two or three recruiters to see what they have in the area and the going rate, and then choose the top two and see what deal you can negotiate. You can usually get a little more travel money or a dollar or two on your hourly, but companies work within certain guidelines on their profit margin and I've had recruiters simply say, "we can't go any higher because our margin on this assignment is already so low". In those instances, again, you are the one who ultimately decides.

Contact your company a little over a month from your end date to see what your options might be. If you want to stay for another 13 weeks, have your recruiter submit an offer for an extension. You can also work an extension on your end by speaking with your unit manager and telling them you'd like to stay if they continue to need the staff.

You are on track with the number of companies, just don't be afraid to use the information they can provide at contract time. Do be fair to your recruiters and let them try to match an offer if you prefer their company for a specific reason (benefits, etc) or let them know if you decide o travel with another company so that they do not continue to seek an assignment for you.

Be fair and up front with your recruiters, expect them to be professional if you travel with other companies, and choose the contract that works best for you.

I hope this helps.