Problem with my travel company

Problem with my travel company

Posted by WandeRN on Jan 25, 2016 8:52 am

I have referred several nurses to my recruiter/travel nurse company. I have a great recruiter--however, the last referral I sent was signed on and has been given a higher housing stipend than I make. I have completed my initial contract and have extended 2 additional times. The referral completed his initial contract with one company, then extended with the travel company I am with. 

When my recruiter returned from vacation, she found out that because he didn't have "orientation costs", they gave him that money in his housing stipend. 

What a phenomenal bonus for someone who has never worked for them before, even though they told me they couldn't give me a higher stipend for my extensions.

I really like my recruiter (she was out when this occured), She has offered to "do what she can" to fix this, but I have lost faith in them and wouoldn't even know what to ask for. 

Is this how it is? I just figured that within the same company, nurses working the same department, at the same facility, and same shifts would get the same rate of pay--even the referrals. I have gotten the referral bonus, but $500 taxed is not the same as a $675 month increase in housing allowance.

Any insight/input would be appreciated.