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    Hi, I am a journalist, currently working for a reputed newspaper. As my work involves a lot of fieldwork and traveling, mostly my father is alone at home. He is an elderly person. Though he says that he can manage himself, I am concerned abo...
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    Hello everyone, 
    I travel a lot as part of my job. I find this forum very informative and useful. Thank you for having me here.
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    Hello All,
    As a fellow PT, I want to let everyone know about my rehab travel company, Therapeutic Resources. I started the company over 15 years ago when I was a traveler and struggling to find a company that had any clinical knowledge.  If...
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    I am looking for the same type of information. I haven't applied to any agencies, but am seriously giving consideration...
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    Hello All,

    I received a direct message on this topic and unfortunately I cannot shed any light on this company as I have never heard of them.  Good Luck and always do your own research no matter what anyone else says about a company.  Travel...