The HealthcareTravelbook Story

Healthcare Travelbook was created by travelers, for travelers!

The rich Healthcare features were developed specifically for the healthcare traveler. Our vision is to be the premier social and professional network for traveling healthcare professionals. Whether you are a nurse, therapist, radiology technician, or other healthcare professional, our mission is simple: To provide a valuable resource to enhance your life and career as a traveler!

During their seven years traveling in the industry, the two founders of Healthcare Travelbook noticed an important trend: With similar interests and lifestyles, travelers tend to congregate with other travelers, and they benefit both personally and professionally from connecting with each other. Traveler-to-traveler conversations commonly include helpful comparisons of assignment locations, pay and benefits, and opinions about agencies and recruiters. But the pair saw that as helpful as this exchange of information could be to travelers, it was informal and sporadic. Hence, an idea was born — to create a free online community exclusively for traveling healthcare professionals, where members could share in their unique collective experience and invite others to contribute and benefit!

With the vision in hand, the founders met with developers, advisors, and industry leaders in order to build a community that would engage, connect, and benefit travelers both on and off the job. Industry experts were also invited to join the community and to participate in an open, honest dialogue with traveling healthcare professionals. With all the right resources in place Healthcare Travelbook was born, offering the first unbiased, comprehensive, and accessible network for healthcare travelers!

Together, Healthcare Travelbook’s founders continue to travel the U.S. from coast to coast, making friends from New Hampshire to Washington, and many stops in between. They keep in touch with family and friends through Facebook and Skype, shop at Amazon and Craigslist, and donate to Goodwill at the end of every assignment. And now, they use Healthcare Travelbook to make more informed decisions and keep up with traveling friends.

The traveling profession requires rapid career decisions that have a dramatic impact on our lives. Healthcare Travelbook provides connections to the best source of information, other travelers. Now you can search for other travelers by profession, location, or staffing agency. Talk to other travelers BEFORE signing a contract. Get unbiased housing and location advice BEFORE moving to a new place. Find colleagues and friends in nearby towns or hospitals. It’s time to unite and join the community for travelers!

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